sensor sticks: how they can be used


Character Empowerment

Using the STICK-sensor allows greater freedom in developing a story line with character's powers. The example here is having a magnet in the wand and a commercial grade reed switch within the book or magic box which creates the possibilities of spells. If the corresponding relay controls a timed light indicating the spell the character now knows from the story line he/she has so much time to perform another task. The initial timed light would also require a regeneration time so that the character doesn't just keep triggering the magic box/book with the wand




Safety is of a main concern therefore only standard off the shelf doorway hardware  keeps the secret door closed.

It is opened by linear actuators that mimic a normal person pushing on the door to open it. The tension or pound force keeping the door closed can be adjusted to be strong or weak (20-40-lbs) by the knuckle catch.

Closing and resetting the door must be done in two separate stages reducing the possibility of accidental closing with game players still inside the room. The actuators must be electronically reset by the Game Master and then the door must be manually closed and only by force push locked into place. Once closed the door can still be opened from the inside by simply pushing on it to open. Note this should only be done in emergencies as the door hinge edging will suffer damage.

The Safety Secret Door comes completely assembled and retro fits into an existing doorway opening. If an opening is to be constructed in new construction it should be at least 38.0" wide to meet ADA code requirements for wheelchair access.The Secret door still covers existing doorways that are grandfathered in code inspection.

Further electronics can be purchased to release and control the opening of the door by game players in the form of a STICK-receiver in a puzzle prop.

The High Tech Lab Cooler comes with a combination Keypad that opens the acrylic door. Within the contents of the cooler cabinet clues can be created which when solved a corresponding transmitter puzzle trigger will automatically release and open the secret door.

The Lab Cooler secret door with all necessary hardware  and electronics are supplied in the $2900.00 price . Standard remote  control electronics are supplied to open and close door by the Game Master. This door retro fits into standard doorways of 32-34 & 36 inch widths.

PRICE INCLUDES THEMED DOOR ONLY matching themed walls ( bookcase /safety deposit boxes etc required to be built by client or can be custom manufactured by Acryl design Ltd/