High tech escape room secret doors remote controlled

Secret Door Hardware Only

All necessary hardware  and electronics are supplied   

ERP-Max & ERP-99  control electronics can be included for wireless control. This door retro fits into standard doorways of 32-34 & 36 inch widths.

Safety is of a main concern therefore only standard off the shelf doorway hardware  keeps the secret door closed.

It is opened by linear actuators that mimics a normal person pushing on the door to open it. The tension or pound force can be adjusted to be strong or weak (20-40-lbs)

Once the door has been opened it must be closed and reset in two separate stages reducing the possibility of accidental closing. the actuators must be electronically reset and then the door must be manually pushed shut and only by force push locked into place. Once closed the door can still be opened from the inside by simply pushing on it to open.



Transworld Room Escape Nashville 2018

Transworld Room Escape Nashville 2018

Secure-a-ceiver Actuated Door

To Code Hardware


Actuated door triggered by a paired ERP-Max  in a prop designed by client. All components are standard doorway hardware that is to code.

 No individual can be locked in a room at any time. 

The actuator PC Boards have been certified and have conformance documentation. The transmitters are FCC approved .


Door actuation can be triggered by a Smoke-CO2 monitor. Secure-A-ceiver technology  adapted from security systems provides confidence to your clients and code inspectors. Give us an email and we will custom fit your system to meet your needs.


Simple installation

"TECH-DOORS" remote controlled secret doors

     COMES in crate fully assembled

     READY to "retro fit" any existing door 32-36" wide

     EASY instructions Plug & play electronics 

 Building Inspector friendly NO MAG LOCKS 

Optional Auto Opening Technology

Developed industry automatic door openers to provide consistent  multiple use

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High Tech "Lab Cooler"

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Escape Room Secret Doors

Hide an existing door with the most advanced turnkey solution   

Lab "TECH-DOOR" comes with a dual purpose to conceal its real purpose hiding an existing doorway

Generate Surprise And Excitement

 The High Tech Lab Cooler comes with a combination Keypad that opens the acrylic door. Within the contents of the cooler cabinet  clues can be created which when solved a corresponding transmitter puzzle trigger will automatically release and open the escape room secret door

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Enter the Future Of Game Technology


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Secret door possible themes

Faux Brick Fire Place

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The no frills secret door can easily be finished with a selection of brick coverings from old style to contemporary

A built in hearth and mantle easily will authenticate the fireplace look

High tech Bank Vault

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A high tech brushed aluminum polymetal can be used to make an authentic inside bank vault look. Working key code safety deposit boxes with acrylic faces could possibly worked into the look


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In conjunction with matching props and theme furniture a secret door bookcase can easily be concealed within a room. The possibilities are only limited by the imagination

Available Faux Wall Panels



















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