Escape room Facilities

CNC machines


2 saber 408 CNC machines to manufacture the most complicated escape room props

Flat Bed Printers


4 x 8 flatbed printer for printing Class A EPR wall panels

Fabrication Dept


Our fabrication area, in total there is 15,000 sq ft to the facitity

Electronics Dept


Our custom manufacturing electronic workshop tests video and all board designs for escape room puzzles props. Once completed here they are sent off for FCC approval

Graphics Design Dept


Here we have our printed cardboard stand ins for our shy graphics personnel in our assembly area

R&D Demo Modular Escape Room


Our modular escape room test area facility.  

Escape room MRI Machine

Aluminum framing


Custom full scale MRI machine starts with aluminum framing

Di bond facing


A composite aluminum facing is attached

Final touches before print


Final touches applied to create full scale MRI header. Once completed here it will go to the graphics dept.

Modular ER Components

Modular escape rooms

AD-games parent company of ERProps has manufactured over 25 modular construction escape rooms sent all over  North America

Finalizing electronics


Super Cool secret door posing as a laboratory cooler is getting its final electronic touches

Testing Secret doors


ERProps has a modular R&D room where all props and electronics are tested

Custom escape room puzzles props manufactured with wireless electronics

Acryl Design Ltd is the parent company of 

Acryl Design has 35 years of custom prop manufacturing. is a fully equipped electronics R&D facility dedicated to prop development for the escape room industry