the boom jester magically triggers maglocks-actuators-lights etc.


                          The BOOM JESTER gives your puzzles mobility.

                           It comes packaged with 3 of our SENSOR STICKS 

                          that "magically" trigger mag locks, actuators, lights, etc                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


                 SPECIAL POWERS

                          Give your players SPECIAL POWERS by inserting

                          SENSOR STICKS into wearables immersing the 

                          players right into the story!! 

                                       Level of difficulty to set up:  SUPER EASY 


IDEAS: Character Empowerment

Develop story lines giving characters (players) ‘powers’ over what is happening in the room.  For example, embed a magnet SENSOR STICK into a Book of Spells or Magic Box.  When the wizard touches it with a (magnet) wand, it sets off a sound (ie chimes).  A door in the room can only be opened while the chimes are sounding.  The player who is the wizard with the wand has the ‘power’ to get that door opened.